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private Investigation Services
Red Hawk Investigations

We have the best private Investigators who specialize in everything from Digital Data Recovery to Infidelity.

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Child Custody Investigations
Child Custody 

We are fully licensed to perform all manners of child custody support and custody investigations.

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Process Serving
Process Serving

Our trained process server will serve your legal documents and provide you with consistent updates and notifications.

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asset investigations
Asset Investigations

Areas Asset Searches Can Reveal Financial Interests:
Real Property
Ownership or Interest in Corporations
Judgments, Liens, Bankruptcies
Checking and Savings Accounts
Brokerage and Investment Accounts
IRAs, Retirement Accounts, and Trusts

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missing persons investigations
Missing Persons Investigations

We are staffed by former law enforcement officers, and we have the latest tools for tracking missing persons.

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identity theft
Iidentity Theft

identity theft is so much more than just a stolen credit card number.

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private eye Investigation Services

We're hired by business leaders, attorneys, insurers and all types of professionals. Our results are guaranteed.

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Workers Comp Investigations
Workers Comp 

We help with insurance fraud, workers comp, corporate and identity theft.

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Notary Public Services
Notary Public Services

We administer oaths and affirmations, such as sworn statements, affidavits, declarations of facts and more.  

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court services
Court Services

All evidence is treated as though it will be used in a trial.

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hit and run investigations
Hit & Run Investigations

Red Hawk Investigation Group has over 20 years of traffic accident investigation experience.

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heir finders.
Heir Finder

Red Hawk Investigation locates abandoned or unclaimed property or assets for the rightful owner.

These are people who are potential heirs who may be entitled to an inheritance.

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infedelity private Investigation Services

Our highly trained private investigators are experienced in conducting covert video and photographic surveillance for gathering the proof you need.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking investigations
GPS Tracking

GPS device tracking capabilities are not limited to tracking vehicles, as they can even be used to track the subject themselves.

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social media investigations
Social Media investigations

Any thorough investigation today must involve taking a look at social media.

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recording witness statements
Recording Witness Statements

Statements can be taken as written, taped or videoed and are all used in the context of civil and criminal litigation.

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cyber investigations
Skip & Cyber Tracing

Find A Person Confidentially & Fast. Phone, Address, Email, Social, Marriage Status & More.

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