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Asset Investigations

Asset Investigations Red Hawk Investigation provides comprehensive and Nationwide Asset Searches, Pre-Litigation, Post-Judgment. Hidden Assets. International Assets. 

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Areas Asset Searches Can Reveal Financial Interests
Real Property * Automobiles and Watercraft * Ownership or Interest in Corporations * Judgments, Liens, Bankruptcies * Checking and Savings Accounts * Brokerage and Investment Accounts * IRAs and Retirement Accounts * Trusts

Red Hawk Investigation Group conducts asset investigations for clients ranging from spousal partners, parents, employers, employees, and parties entering into a financial partnership or agreement, through to victims of individual or corporate fraud, theft and other financial crimes.

We also help claimants who have successfully won judgments in litigation but who have trouble recovering their awards from defendants.

Reasons for Asset Investigations

1. You are considering suing.
2. You have pending civil litigation.
3. You are attempting to recover a Judgment.
4. You are getting ready to process a loan to someone. 
5. You have a divorce settlement pending. 

Red Hawk Investigation has the tools and experience to conduct your asset investigation needs.  

asset investigationsBefore you jump into a lengthy, expensive court process, spending countless amounts of money on attorney fees and court process you need to conduct an Asset Investigation to insure the person or company you are taking on has the money or assets to cover your needs.  

We at Red Hawk Investigation Group understand the difficulty involved in attempting to locate and properly identifying assets. Whether you are considering civil action against someone or a company, or you're attempting to obtain a judgment, information obtained through an asset investigation is vital for your decision.

Just as important as that decision is, you must also identify any filings of liens, judgment, or bankruptcies already against the person or company involved which can offset the assets which you identify.

Our experience investigators will assist you and your attorney in the process of finding the Money or Assets to cover your claim.

 Serving the City of Irvine, as well as the Counties of Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, & Inland Empire in California. We also do online investigations, worldwide. 100% Confidentiality.

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