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Heir Finder Red Hawk Investigation Group locates abandoned or unclaimed property or assets for the rightful owner.

These are people who are potential heirs who may be entitled to an inheritance.

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Red Hawk is highly experienced and our investigators uses advanced internet researches.

Red Hawk Investigation Group locates people and businesses that have money owed to them and then repatriates them with their funds. 

heir investigationsYou’re probably wondering if you have money sitting somewhere owed to you? Well give us a call or email us and we'll research it for you.  If we don’t find you any money then it doesn't cost you anything!

We'll investigate a refund, a dividend, or unclaimed property, search for the owner, then put the two together.

If you have received a call, letter or e-mail from Red Hawk Investigation Group, you surely have money sitting some where that belongs to you. 

 Serving the City of Irvine, as well as the Counties of Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, & Inland Empire in California. We also do online investigations, worldwide. 100% Confidentiality.

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