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Infedelity InvestigationsExpose unfaithful partners, marital affairs, and all other forms of infidelity.

Our highly trained private investigators are experienced in conducting covert video and photographic surveillance for gathering indisputable court evidence of adultery.

Red Hawk Investigation Group specializes in cheating spouse investigations. We know that these investigations are the most sensitive types of investigations to all involved and our main concern is to provide you, our clients with the visual or photographic proof you need to prove your case in court as to whether or not your partner is being unfaithful.  We know that no two infidelity cases are the same and that each client has their own unique circumstances.  Therefore, our infidelity investigations are tailored to each client's specific needs and circumstances. 

In the initial phase of the infidelity investigation we will work with the client to obtain as much information as possible on the suspected unfaithful partner to establish his/her daily/weekly routine and establish the most likely times and days of the suspected infidelity. With that information we will devise a comprehensive, cost effective surveillance plan to obtain the video or photographic evidence that is needed to substantiate or disprove the infidelity. It is at this time when we will establish whether or not we use a covert GPS tracker on the partner’s vehicle.

During the actual surveillance phase of the investigation, we will keep the client updated as much as possible to the activity we are observing. If a GPS tracker is being used, we will supply the client with a password to our GPS website so that he/she can view the live 24 hour updates of his/her Partner’s locations.

Upon obtaining the video or photographic evidence that is required to prove or disprove the clients suspicions, the client will receive a formal report along with the video/photographic evidence that was obtained. 


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