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Let us help you create a portfolio of evidence that increases your chances of retaining your child's custody. That way you will have a much better chance of wining in court. Red Hawk Investigators excel in proving you solid video evidence that speaks for its self in a court room. 

 We are dedicated to work diligently in our investigations. Our company maintains ethical practices in every investigation and operates within the confines of the law.

We are fully licensed to perform all manners of child custody support and custody investigations.

Red Hawk Investigation Group can help you in your child custody case by working with your attorney and providing the  documented video and photographic evidence that will give you the extra edge in proving your case in court. This type of evidence gives the judge a third party visual accounting that is hard to ignore in your battle to win custody and ensure your children are raised in a safe, healthy and loving environment.

If you believe your spouse is not living a lifestyle that is conducive to raising your children in that safe, healthy loving environment when he/she has visitation rights. Then It is imperative that you have Red Hawk Investigation use our professional, high quality investigative skills to conduct surveillances on the days the spouse is also without them. You can never have enough visual proof when it comes to protecting your children.

Your attorney will represent you well in court and help you file the correct paperwork, but if you are serious about winning your case, help him out and put a professional in charge of securing the critical evidence needed to prove the case.


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