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Fraud Investigations
Workers compensation claims cost business billions of dollars ever year. Many employers and taxpayers have unknowingly funded a healed or non-injured claimant's boat, house, car and yearly vacation.

Workers compensation claims are for employees who get injured while on the job. The compensation pays for lost wages, medical expenses and other expenses while the employee recovers from his/her injuries.

Red Hawk Investigation Group has professionally trained investigators who are well qualified to handle workers compensation claims. We have the tools and skills to uncover the fraud and provide the court admissible evidence of proof which is needed to win the case through the judicial system.  

Our investigators will interview each worker that submits a workers compensation claim and lock that employee down to a detailed statement that can and will be used as evidence in any court proceeding. We will then perform our due diligence by conducting interviews and background checks in an attempt to substantiate whether or not the employee is truly injured and that the injury was a result of AOE/COE (Arising Out of Employment/ Course Of Employment) injury. We will also confirm whether or not the employee has filed other worker compensation claims in the past.

Red Hawk Investigators will conduct covert high definition video surveillances to determine if the employee is actually injured the way he/she has claimed in the workers compensation claim. Video evidence of a claimant's exaggerated medical condition or injury is a powerful piece of evidence in court proceedings.  


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