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 GPS Tracking is a great cost cutting and alternative to manned surveillance or as a supplement to surveillance.

It is also a great way for a company to keep track of their vehicles and prevent misconduct or misuse of its assets.

GPS is an extremely effective way for parents wanting to track the whereabouts of their vehicles when being driven by a Young teenage driver. 

We provide you with any vehicle's whereabouts with one of our covert vehicle Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices. The device pinpoints your subject's vehicle anywhere in the Continental US.

This enables you to know the location of any vehicle in real time.

Log into our GPS tracking website and follow your subject's vehicle at any time, day or night.

This is a proven cost cutting way to supplement any surveillance.                                                 

GPS Vehicle Tracking


At Red Hawk Investigation Group we use the Silver Cloud real time GPS Tracking System 



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