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Private investigators may come across evidence that may be used in court, and should know how to collect and preserve evidence while preventing the evidence from becoming contaminated.

They should also know how to present admissible evidence in court.

The six core steps for containing evidence are collect, secure, preserve, identify, ensure continuity, and log.

All evidence should be treated as though it could potentially be used in a trial.

When physical evidence is presented at a trial, a chain of custody of the uninterrupted control of evidence must be clearly shown; the evidence must be properly identified and must be relevant to the case before the court.

If the private investigator must collect the evidence, the bag in which it is contained should be marked with the private investigator’s initials and the time and date when gathered.

It is important to limit the number of individuals who handle the evidence to the smallest number possible and properly document each transfer in order to maintain the chain of custody.



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