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Recorded Statements 


 As professional investigators, our primary function is to gather facts. One of our primary forms of fact-gathering is the witness statement. Statements, of course, take many forms.

Statements can be taken as written, taped or videoed and are all used in the context of civil and criminal litigation. 

Statements of any type should be taken as soon after a particular event as possible to serve as a recorded recollection to ensure the witnesses memory doesn't fade with the passage of time.

These statements are use to lock a person down to a particular story as they remembered it.  These statements can be used later to assist in your court proceeding or to impeach a persons testimony that may have changed from the time the initial statement was given. 

Our investigators at Red Hawk Investigation Group are experienced, trained and equipped in how to take statements of any form.  We also have the capability of taking notarized statements when the need arises. 



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