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A Skip is defined as any person who cannot be contacted via telephone, mail, or in person.

Skip-Tracing is the specialized art of developing information for the purpose of locating persons who can't be found using the above mentioned criteria.

Red Hawk Investigation Group has a National Certification in cyber-tracking (Skip-Tracing).  We know that there are basically three types of skips, the first is the Out of Pocket Skip who is sometimes difficult to locate, but not intentionally hiding. Second, is The Intentional Skip, who knows your looking for him/her and will go to any length to hide from you. Third is the Fraud Account Skip, this is the person who never had any intension of paying their debt from the inception.

At Red Hawk Investigation Group, we have the necessary tools to conduct cyber-tracking and our investigators are experienced in Skip-Tracing. We are extremely good at locating the hard to find individuals. 


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